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Welcome to Wrap Classic, your premier destination for bespoke automotive car vinyl solutions. We specialize in crafting exceptional vinyl wraps that elevate the aesthetics of your vehicle to new heights. With our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail, we bring your automotive visions to life, transforming your ride into a true masterpiece. From stunning color transformations to intricate designs, our team of skilled artisans combines expertise with creativity, delivering tailored vinyl solutions that exceed expectations. Step into the world of Wrap Classic and experience the perfect fusion of style, precision, and automotive excellence. Unleash your imagination and let us showcase the true potential of your vehicle.

Our Vinyl

We are delighted to introduce our very own line of bespoke vinyl known as Pressure Series Vinyl. At Classic Vinyl, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of innovation in automotive customization. With our exclusive Pressure Series Vinyl, we have created a collection that embodies the perfect balance of style, durability, and performance. Meticulously developed using the finest materials and cutting-edge techniques, our Pressure Series Vinyl offers unmatched quality and a diverse range of captivating finishes. Whether you seek a sleek matte look, a dazzling metallic sheen, or a unique textured surface, our Vinyl delivers unparalleled customization possibilities.

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Tips For Installing

Tip #1

Surface Preparation:

Ensure optimal adhesion by thoroughly cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol before applying the vinyl. This step removes any contaminants that could potentially cause imperfections or hinder proper bonding.

TIP #2

Contaminant Removal:

Prior to installation, carefully clean the surface to eliminate any dirt, dust, or debris. Even small particles can affect the final result, so attention to detail is key for a flawless finish.

Tip #3

Heat Application:

Utilizing a heat gun during installation offers several benefits. By gently warming the vinyl, it becomes more pliable, allowing for easier manipulation and adherence to curved surfaces. Additionally, the heat aids in the removal of any wrinkles, ensuring a smooth and professional-looking application.

Tip #4

Rubber Squeegee:

When applying the vinyl, employ a soft rubber squeegee to carefully smooth out bubbles and wrinkles. This tool helps distribute pressure evenly, promoting seamless adhesion and ensuring a visually appealing final result.

Final Results!

By following these professional tips, you can achieve a successful vinyl installation with optimal adhesion, a smooth surface, and a flawless finish.